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Markham has provided me with many positive changes, support through the years, and a fruitful livelihood. With the constantly changing demographics, technology and economic landscape, we need exceptional leaders to guide us through the challenging times ahead. Here are some areas I see as important building blocks for our future. As your Councillor, I will work diligently and effectively to build our community together. As Markham races towards the future, we need exceptional people to provide exceptional services to our community. With your support, I look forward to representing our Ward 3 to building an even better city. A city that is engaging, diverse and thriving. A community that is safe and sustainable.

My First Steps:

  • Consult with you to determine your needs and help you connect with our City to find solutions.

  • Continue to improve the delivery of our City’s services and experiences for even better citizens’ satisfaction.

  • Build on our historical roots, heritage and culture for a more livable and vibrant community.

  • Ensure prudent financial budgeting resulting in responsible tax levy.

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Since 1791, Markham has grown from a small, German settlement led by William Berczy to an engaging, diverse and thriving community. We are in the centre of an exciting time, as our city simultaneously cherishes the past and innovates for the future. From the heritage site of Main Street, Unionville to the new and developing York University campus, our neighbourhood will see many opportunities and growth ahead. We are all part of this inclusive city, but we also share subtle differences in our community’s needs. I look forward to help building a vibrant, caring and interconnected community with you.

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Celebrating Culture & Heritage


Renewing our Neighbourhood


Less Work, More Living


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