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About Me

For over 30 years, Markham has provided an amazing journey for my family and business. The fond memories and experiences that I have shared with my neighbours and friends are ones that I cannot be more thankful for.

Like many of you, I am a first generation immigrant who worked hard and was ¬¬welcomed into this very diverse and inclusive community – a community full of heritage and cultural celebrations. It provided my family with one of the best environments for my children to learn and grow up in. It also provided us with an entrepreneurial experience that has lasted for over 26 years (and still going!). I believe this is an opportunity we all should have.

As Markham races towards the future, we need exceptional people to provide exceptional services to our community. I know that I have the right skills, passion and experience to become your Ward 3 Councillor. With your support, I look forward to representing our Ward 3 to build an even better city – one that is engaged, diverse, thriving, safe and sustainable.

Family Man

Married with 3 grown children. Loves cooking and gardening.

Business Man

Entrepreneur since 1992. Creative Community.

Idea Man

Professional Eng. & Master of Eng. Science.

Service Man

High School Mentor. Level 2 Coach. Knight of Columbus.

Skills That Matter


The most important part of communication. Start with those closest to me. My family.


No walking away from responsibility and accountability when other people’s livelihoods depends on you.


The satisfaction of giving. No better than being there in person. I have worked with:

  • Community Living York South
  • Angus Glen Marathon
  • Community Coach, York South Silver Knights Basketball Club

No job too small or big. Work hard and smart to get the job done.


Never stop learning. Any idea can be good a idea.

Presentation at Pecha Kucha Markham about Urban Farming.

For an even better Markham – one community at a time.