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Downtown/Uptown Markham

I envy your choice in condo living. No more snow shoveling. No more mowing the lawn. You are living the good life! Since construction began in 2005, our City’s vision of a transit-oriented and smart growth community is slowly taking place.  

There are many reasons to choose the condo/townhome lifestyle like affordability, downsizing, convenience, aging, and security., Whatever your reason, you have made the best choice for yourself. Markham needs room to grow and you have helped define and create a new community option for other residents – new & old. With York University’s new campus and other potential developments I look forward to sharing your ideas and to help manage growth in your community systematically. Let’s make your home an even better place to live.  

Starting October 12-22, you can help build an even better Downtown/Uptown by choosing to vote for Ed Law as your Ward 3 Councillor. For now, please visit markhamvotes.ca to make sure you are on the voter’s list. I look forward to working for you.