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Markville Community

Hello neighbours! Having lived in the McCowan and Carlton area for close to 20 years, I still don’t know if we are part of Unionville, or simply east of Unionville. I did try to look up if there was a name for our neighbourhood, but I found no success. Then I reckoned that since a high school and shopping mall were named ‘Markville’, I think that I will call this area Markville for now.
Our neighbourhood is maturing just as the city is growing. The once little trees on our sidewalks now line the streets beautifully and shade our quiet sidewalks. I see joggers and walkers staying fit, counting steps and feeding their pedometers. As we move past each other, there’s always a nod and a smile to affirm our proud belonging to this neighbourhood.
My wife and I moved here like many of you as young families with our children. Many of our children have since grown up and have moved on or out from our homes, leaving us pondering about our next move . Some residents like us are thinking of downsizing, but I see many have chosen renovations to make their homes more suitable for their lifestyle in the years to come.
Yes, our neighbourhood is aging nicely and gracefully. I hope that we can renew together our fondness and love of this area which we call home. Just like our Markville Shopping Mall, revitalized to stay relevant and attractive, I say that we do the same. Let’s plan on making this our ‘Hood for the Future’.
On October 12, you can help elect me, Ed Law, as Ward 3 Councillor to help make our neighbourhood an even better place to call home. In the meantime, please visit markhamvotes.ca online to make sure that you are on the voter’s list. Thank you for your support.