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South Unionville

Congratulations on building a young and vibrant community in the heart of Markham. It’s great to see young families like yours embrace many traditional and cultural values. Great job celebrating the virtues of family values!  

I’m also proud of your efforts and participation in bringing your residents together through communication, inclusiveness and engagement. Your community associations continue to thrive and serve the residents by improving South Unionville socially, culturally, environmentally and economically. Even more amazing is the level of parental involvement at Unionville Meadows Public School! 

I look forward to helping you celebrate South Unionville’s success in community building. I’m ready for your next ‘Annual Clean-Up’ event! On October 12-22, help me become your new Councillor. In the meantime, please visit markhamvotes.ca online to make sure that your whole family is on the voter’s list. Thank you for your support.