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There is certainly something nostalgic about Unionville. Thanks to your dedication and hard work, we are able to continue to enjoy a very big piece of our heritage. William Berczy, our City’s founder, would never have imagined our faithfulness and desire to celebrate our history for over two hundred years. Having our very own Varley Art Gallery on Main Street also speaks volumes to our ability to celebrate art and culture in our own backyard.  

Why wouldn’t anyone want to be part of this colourful and historic past I assure you that I will protect and promote the heritage and cultural gift that was bestowed upon us. I’ll make sure that we have more to share and enjoy with the current and the future residents of Markham.  

Make sure that you visit the markhamvotes.ca site soon to confirm that you are on the voter’s list and ready to vote on October 12-22 online. I look forward to your support as Ward 3 Councillor and Markham’s heritage and culture advocate